About our workshops

About our workshops

We offer a range of two-hour individual tutor-led workshops for children aged between 6 and 11. Each workshop covers a different theme focusing on one or more of the essential elements of creative writing. Children can attend a course of six workshops or they can attend specific workshops to tackle a particular stumbling block. There are fifteen places on each workshop. Siblings and friends are welcome.

We believe that children can benefit from being taught in mixed-age groups. Younger students are introduced to techniques they may not have covered at school yet while older students benefit from the positive reactions of younger readers and from the reinforcement of skills they may have covered some time ago. During our workshops, children are in mixed aged groups for the performance based parts of our workshop but are with their peers for the tutor led story writing session.

Whether your child is preparing for an exam, trying to defeat writers’ block, looking for a burst of inspiration or is in need of a confidence boost, our workshops will help them reach their full creative potential.

For a list of upcoming workshops, please click here.

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